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CKHS ELA 20 Paul

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2007 6:47 pm    Post subject: CKHS ELA 20 Paul Reply with quote

This is definitely a touchy issue because it questions our founding fathers' justice and society, one that was based on starting over with a fair chance. Immigrating to North America was meant to be a move to freedom and prosperity. But obviously many made a fatal mistake even though it was probably no different from were they came from. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that some people need to die. But who are we to not only condemn but to kill, half the time we don't understand! Well what would Jesus do? He'd probably say; "let anyone who has never sinned kickstart the execution." The hangings don't bother me that much, it's the smiles and bandwagon raging' and eager sin. Execution should be a horrible thing that little kids stay away from and to reach the verdict of a hanging should take a very long time to sentence and the accused should be found guilty of an indictable offence of gruesome nature like murder, sexual assault or genocide, you know, some thing that takes inhuman powers to even consider doing. No, hangings, lynching and vigilante posses don't bug me. It's when they are all riled up on racism and discrimination that labels them as evil scumbags (can I say scumbag on here?) in my opinion. I'd just like to say to you people that made the site, don't worry about explicit and scary media, When it's real and un-glorified it's good because it helps us explore our past and learn about ourselves and it helps desensitize people to blood and uncanny willingness to do terrible things. Why is it good to be desensitized to gore? Well it's real. If a surgeon couldn't stomach a ruptured organ, or a dentist a face full of tooth rot, where would we be now? Our world is one full of pain and it makes me so mad when people trash violence in the media and say things like; ďyouíre to young to see that.Ē Or ďThatís inappropriate.Ē (Iím thinking of the stereotypical mom) Of course this **** is inappropriate! The theatrical and artistic ingenious that goes into media like this helps hit home the reality or such things! And if youíve never experienced even in you imagination such atrocities, than you wonít be able to do the right thing if presented with it in real life. So back to lynching. I think itís all a many decade old misunderstanding. How can European explorers not recognize a person when they see one, Huh? ďOh ya letís take this dumb animal back to civilization and make it work for us and if it bugs us weíll make an example of it to the others.Ē I donít think so. How did a generation of racism spawn into ours. Itís hard to destroy. Iím only using Africans as an example because they are hit pretty hard. Every ethnicity suffers racism though. East Asians in the Canadian railway and Russians just cause they where hard core communists. And I have a question, Why in the **** are Caucasians so exempted from racism? I mean Itís usually ďwhiteĒ people that discriminate others and donít get it themselves, I guess that tide is turning but not with equal force like a pendulum. O.K. I donít know what Iím talking about Iíll shut up now. I tried.
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