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PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 12:28 am    Post subject: history Reply with quote

i saw this video while my u.s. history teacher showed it in class today. there are many kids in my class that could care less wheather they pass the class or not, therefore not careing to view the film. i, for one, was touched by this video. at first, i wasnt sure what was goin on, but as i listened and saw the video, i have to say that i became teary-eyed. i think it is horrible and devistating of what the human race is capeable of even at an early stage in america's history. it is hard to believe that the 'whites' of that time were so evil to other people of 'color'. i try to think of what was going through their minds, yet cant fathom the hatred for a person, or people. how could they believe that immigration was the cause of their problems, and tried to rid them selves of them, or even believed that they were of a superior race than them? i personally believe that the whites were immigrants themselves because of the migration of so many europeans to the americas, therefore causeing them to be on the same inferior level as they claim every other race to be. and if the color of their skin was the cause of hatred, what happens to everything underneath the skin? everybody has lungs, a heart and all bleed red blood. what did they see when they saw them bleed? not green, thats for sure. i cant think in the right mind, how anybody could have a rightly cause for murder, as these people were murdering many many innocent people. i saw this film as not just a film, but as a statement, a statement of how the human race could be capeable of anything, depending on reasons not rightful in God's eyes. i saw people trying to 'play' God, deciding who was better, and who should live and die. i saw this video and could only imagine the pain of the victims' families, and how tradgedies similar to this are happening in society today.
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