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Bits and Pieces

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Kush Queen

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2005 12:50 am    Post subject: Bits and Pieces Reply with quote

It is wrong to blame all "whites" now, for what happened back then, for being slaveowners and sicking dogs on young children. It is wrong to blame "whites" now, whether it be something as trivial as cutting you off in line at Wal-Mart to something as atrocious as assuming you are ignorant becuase you are darker or from another country.

It is wrong to blame all "blacks" for what is going on, whether it be something as trivial as being homeless and begging for change on the sidewalk to something as brutal as jumping a little white kid at school.

But you never really know the whole side of any story, unless you stop being an uptight egotistic judgemental douchebag that thinks everyone is against you. It doesn't hurt to simply, ASK "why?" before making assumptions.

For example: that white kid could have done something to put himself in the situation to be jumped. He could have been teasing them. Kids are stupid, you know. Then again, there are some people that are stupid bullies.

People destroy one another, and themselves. It's a fact of life. Look at the news: Some white women have killed their children. Some white men have killed and raped little white girls. It would be wrong to say "crazy ol' white folk" because: Some black women have killed their children. Some black men have killed and raped black women and children.
It would be wrong to say "crazy ol' black folk."

So you see it isn't just one race geared against another.

Not every white man that walks around in a suit and tie is a tax collector or a governement official trying to keep you from getting your job. Not every asian man runs a nail shop on the corner. Not every pakistanian owns a liquor store. Not every black woman is a stripper. Not ever black man that has gold teeth is a drug dealer. Sometimes people have their hearts and minds confused between what they know they shouldn't be doing and what they are and have actually become.

The world is full of monsters. You might be one. Hell, I might even be one.
It's difficult to sit here and judge one race against another, when you know you may sign off of your computer and go do something extremely disgusting. Some of us can sit here and pretend to be righteous and then go out and do some vile things.

It is probably true that white people run America. It is probably true that America is a whore. It is also probably true that if you let yourself be oppressed, then you will be. If you believe that the government/white america has total control, chances are it is probably true that you will be controlled also. Truth and knowledge gives one freedom; not guns, violence, and hate. No one wants to listen to a whining black person ranting about who is controlling them, when in actuality, NOTHING is stopping you from getting what you want. You just think there is.

It is hard to tell who still thinks what about which race. But why should anyone [i]really[/i] care about who thinks what? There's a common saying that most people have made part of their lives: "To hell with what other people think." Personally, I don't care what a "white" person thinks of me, nor do I care what a "black" person thinks of me; niether to I care for what an orange, red or green person thinks of me. I'm going to do what I need to do to surivive America and the World just like everyone else. I think everyone has a hard enough time trying to be who they are here on this little blue marble that runs on green paper without trying to go insane or bankrupt or hungry.

I encourage people to try to see beyond the trivial conflicts between "blacks" and "whites", "jews" and "hitler", and whoever the hell else in other parts of the world that was oppressed/exploited/ensalved, and think about the BIGGER picture: that we all are in conflict with ourselves, whether you want to admit it or not. I'm sure, that at the end of the day, when you're tired, cold and hungry, that a dead white man or a dead black man or whoever died in a tsunami in a jungle somewhere is the least of your worries. And then you come on here, and it's heart wrenching yet again. But you forget about it the next morning or over the next couple of weeks.

The crazy thing about this is, is that everyone is looking for someone to blame. For example, someone may come on here and see these images and feel all riled up about it and go out and blame a "white" or a "black" to feel better about what happened, when really, it won't get you anywhere. What you have to do now, is just accept the fact that this happened and go on with your life. There's nothing you can do about having dark skin. There's nothing you can do about having light skin. There's nothing you can do about the dead in the pictures. There's nothing you can do to the smiling murderers in the pictures.

This is a hushed topic now. Nobody wants to hear about it. Try having a conversation on the train or on the bus with someone that isn't of your race. Ask them how they feel about what happened and see what their response is. Try to answer some of their questions about your race, and ask them questions about theirs, without being offensive of course, and you'll be surprised because oftentimes, there is a lot of confusion and ignorance that only knowledge can cure. It doesn't hurt to ask "why?"

These images are stirring. Yes. These people were sick. Yes. This is a part of history, though.
I'll bet if there were some pictures of Native Americans being killed and driven out of their homeland, or... pictures of Vietnamese getting their heads blown off by the Vietcong, it would be stirring too:
Or would anyone really care unless it was their own race that was being maimed? Oftentimes, people can be selfish. They can say "oh, well its not me, why should I care?"
That is pompous. And almost as equally retarded and ignorant. Wouldn't you want someone to come to your aid if you needed help? You would be feeling quite rotten if someone said, "Well, it's not ME, laying down in a pool of my own blood leaking from my brain, so why should I care?"

The lynchings and the beatings happened. It's history. It can be over and done with if you will ALLOW it to be and stop picking at the scabs that are racism and discrimination and hypocrisy.
An example of allowing this to continue consists of: calling someone a [racial epithet deleted] or a cracker, and hurting their feelings, racist jokes, slurs, etc.... which continues the cycle of dissonance and hate, like I've stated before. And then you wonder why people are still heated about something like this: because there's always going to be some ignorant cunt that won't lay it to rest.
The best cure: Ignore it.

Many people on here say: "Other peoples in other countries are going through the same oppression and killing and mental bondage, so stop crying about it. Blacks aren't the only ones."
Is that easier for a white person to say?
It is impossible to identify with someone's pain unless you have experienced it. There's a saying that goes: "You can't heal it until you feel it."
But they are somewhat correct. Not to say that just because other people are going through it doesn't mean what happened here is any less significant.
Suffering and dying is a part of life. Some suffer more than others. Some die more brutally than others. Sometimes whole peoples suffer. Some people are dying of AIDS, American soldiers are dying, iraqis are dying, there are abortions, fat people in America are dying from McDonalds, fat people in India are probably dying from something else, President Bush is suffering from mild/contagious retardation, there are people suffering in hospitals all over the world, old people suffer with arthritis, crackheads suffer with stomach pain and itching, highschool kids suffer with depression, anxiety and middle aged men and women suffer with bills and middle-aged crisis, some teenage girls suffer with sexuality issues, gay men and women suffer with confusion, rape victims suffer with emotional pain, some people get shot in the head and live, some people get bitten by sharks and live, and the list of suffering goes on and on. I'm not suggesting that everyone turn their heads and pretend like something like this never happened, but there comes a time when you just have to leave things alone. The past will always remain unchanged, but one can always change his or her present attitudes in order to allow for growth and maturity. In this subject, growth and maturity would mean, realizing that not everyone is like you, will think like you, look like you, piss like you, breathe like you; that there will always be hate and greed in the world, whether it is a group of the same-skinned people doing it or just one person doing it; realizing that if YOU are doing what is right and just; promoting and establishing truth and order, not decieving others, lying, stealing, cheating, etc., you won't have to worry about what other people are doing, because the result of doing evil is death. Ultimately.

That is all, really.
If you have any comments or questions for me, post away. I'd be glad to read and respond, but don't respond with hate or ignorance, because I don't stand for that. Thanks.
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