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missing the big picture

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Mark T

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PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2007 8:27 pm    Post subject: missing the big picture Reply with quote

Reading some of the previous remarks are interesting. People are shocked at the amount of lynchings and the smile's of the persecutors in the photos. Whites feign shock and moral outrage and proclaim that "hey man, I wasnt there, it wasnt me, I'm not responsible' Blacks point the finger and say "how white of you. your all to blame, whitey has always been keeping the blacks down, non americans point to the pictures and proclaim how evil and corrupt The United States is.
Terrible indeed these pictures are, but they are nothing new under the sun. That most of these pictures illustrate whites lynching blacks and it does say something about the cultural atrocities of post Civil War/early 20th century United States, it ,at least to me, points to something far more evil and insidious. It's just what people do when the oppurtunity arises. It really doesnt have to be about color, or race, or religion or political affiliation, or financial standing. Get a mob together and feed that dark inner fire that I am sad to say burns in the majority of all humans and you will see sights to make a devil blush. Any outsider, or weekling will do. There are what, a hundred or so pictures in this collection spanning 100 years over a country this big? Although, a brutal assault on ones moral senses, thats peanuts, I can show you twice as many picture from much smaller spectrums of time, with much more pitiful victims from Rowanda, or Dharfur, or Bosnia, or Auschwitz, or the Gulags (oops scratch that, Stalin was real good about not letting any pictures of those atrocities out), or wounded Knee, or Armenia, or Nanking. I can show you lots of smiling sadistic murderers, and they dont care if they are black on black, white on white, white on black, christian on christian, muslim on jew, communist on dissident, nazi on jew, jew on palestinian.....do you see a pattern here? It is humans will do the most unspeakable acts upon other humans and grin and laugh the whole time doing it.
I am not ashamed of being white and American. I am ashamed of being Human. Viewing these pictures pains me deeply, because of the inhumanity of humans. These pictures remind me of that famous WWII picture of the german soldier taking aim at the back of the woman with a child in her arms. I believe it was an Einsatzgruppen activity in the east and she was a jew. It is every bit as heartwrenching as the woman hanging from the bridge in this collection. When you see the picture you know your looking at the same beast committing the crime for the same reason. It saddens me just to think of them. Actually it is not inhumanity. Humans are the only species thats takes pleasure and pride in torturing and killing it's own species. Evil is our humanity. How sad.
Yes these should be shown in schools and universities. People should know how evil they can be, so that hopefully they can recognize they beast that lies ready to spring in all of us and keep watch over it, so as not to succumb to monsters bred of ignorance and fear. Ignorance and fear are fertile grounds for evil and cruelty. That is the origin of the racism in these pictures and the atrocities committed the world over.
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