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r2 Posted: 21 Jun 2005 03:51 pm Post subject: Lynching an

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2005 8:06 pm    Post subject: Re: The nature of white folks Reply with quote

I'm sorry to say that you have so much hatred towards white people and that you believe it is biological DNA that has produced white people's viscous past...and present. I agree with you 100% that white people in America have been responsible for countless atrocities and have adamantly and violently reinforced structures of dominance and priviledge upon minorities. However, I disagree that this has been done because of white people's biological makeup. Socialization is a strong influence which has played a huge part in America's history. Certain belief systems are imbedded into groups of people to retain power structures...arbitrary fear of black people, which was really all about fear of white masculinity and political/economic power being lost to black men, resulted in countless brutal lynchings. These occurances need to be remembered and analyzed but in an accurate way. By saying these lynchings, etc took place because all white people are evil, you're losing sight of the greater picture where power is articulated...this exists in many cultures, by many ethnicities. By employing this absolutist argument you're also loosing sight of the white individuals who fought for black freedom, as well as the white activists that exist today. It's easy to demonize certain bad individuals, but don't allow it to make you lose sight of the larger picture of power and dominance that is applicable to situations far beyond only white people in American Culture. I don't think your fear is unfounded in any way, but your focus is a bit too narrow.

[quote="lance"]Whether you look at it at past, present or future, there is a real parallelism of the past and the present; this uncivilized, brutality and savagery will always exist in white people, its in their nature. They have no normal, humility of people of other races. We have seen what white man is possible of doing and what has been done in Iraq in Abu Ghrab prison, in Guantanomo bay, in Bagram air base, this is 2003 and 2004, so you can't say that was in those days. Take a look at the present and past, some of the pictures where banned from being release by congress.

That does not protect the white man at all, we all know that a white man can kill a black man like an animal, think of the worst scenario of killing a person, that the white man has not done before!!!! In 2000 some white males dragged a black man behind a truck. In 2004 they dragged a hispanic man. But God created a black man first for a reason, even all they did, they could never keep the black man down for ever. We are the naturally strongest of all races on the planet, we are survivors, and we will never be put out just like that. If you live/ work with white people always be very careful of them. Like I said this savagery is in their genes.[/quote]
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