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Agree to disagree...

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2007 8:33 am    Post subject: Agree to disagree... Reply with quote

[i]What I am very curious about is this...did the white people who participated in these lynchings make up the majority regarding the mindset of most white folks at the time? [/i]

It's the first time I visited this site and I ask myself the same question about these lynchings, what were the mobs thinking, this is very inhumane. I mean people can say those who commit crimes, people who kill or murder have mental health/psycho issues, blah blah etc. but man, who knows what's going on their mind. For me, I think it all comes down to Power and Control. Like you were asking about the mindset of the people involved in dog killings, I mean that's power and control issue---us humans think more powerful over animals and we can do anything we want, right? For the white mobs who participated in lynchings, I would say the same thing that white people equals power and control over black people. Some would reason their lynching act "Oh because this black man raped this white woman" that triggered them to get mad, riot...such that anger results to violence....but my point is that people have a choice to outlet their anger in a more positive way. I remember during a Martin Luther King celebration, the guest speaker mentioned why Dr. King's Non-violence strategy was powerful, I forgot the exact terms but basically the point is that black people and allies marched diplomatically to address racial injustices, they did not resort to violent acts. So when I try to think what the white mobs state of mind during the lynchings, I dont even want to justify it or reason out that because the black man did this or that, because the white mobs knew what they were doing, it's all about power and control, not mental health issues, etc. I mean lynchings still happen today and it comes in many other forms. I think killing dogs is so wrong, but unless you educate people that it is wrong and needs to be stopped and there needs to be accountability--only then that will lessen dog killing cases. And until they include the TRUTH that racism exists and race matters--whether making this as a required class in our educational system, or even simply discussing this topic with friends and families---I am hopeful that there is at least one person who would stand up against any prejudice, injustice and discrimination, and at least one person who would become an ally for marginalized groups of people. Race is a topic that should not be omitted, neglected--need to continue talking about it, because there is always one person out there who wants to learn how not to be offensive to people of color, or another person who feels unsafe, or another person who just didnt know this or dont have friends who think progressively. It's a volatile topic, but we need to agree to disagree and it must be in a safe environment, listen and be listened, be open to constructive criticism, be accountable and responsible to the words that you say.
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