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History Class

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B A Wald

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 30, 2007 2:49 am    Post subject: History Class Reply with quote

These are comments from students in my U.S. history class after viewing the movie at the main menu.

After watching the video it made me realize how bad people you use to have it before we were all alive. It was depressing to see all those photos and to realize that its true that all that really happen. Some people think it was just all a lie. But its not its sad to see those other people jsut standing around seeing others getting killed and thinking it was okay. i tmakes me sick to my stomache to see those photos. But its nice to see that it really open everyones eyes and show them that we should be thankful that it doesnt happen now a days. THere is wars but everyone isnt getting hung or anyhting bad. But our soilders are rrisking their lives for all of us. And we are all thankful for it too.Also its nice to see that living on earth has changed so much since 1920's.

After watching the video I am absolutely horrified that people actually thought that it was ok to do these barbaric actions to other human beings and not be criticized or anything for it. They were actually supported by the public and the people were happy about these killings. They actually took pictures of the lynching to send to family and friends bragging about what they got to see that day; that's morally corrupt right there. After seeing the atrocities that they did to those people I just felt sick to my stomach and just wanted to hurl. I would have been fine if they were fake and made up, but they were actually real and that is the part that got me the most. We are such a great nation that went through so much to gain independence and have freedom, but when someone 'unfit' comes into the scheme we despise them and do so much harm to them. Why does everyone have to fight and not be happy of what they have and think that they are superior to everyone else that's around them. We shouldn't have to kill and humiliate others to make ourselves better. I know that this is our history and no matter how hard people try to cover up it, it will come out. We shouldn't be ashamed of our past but instead embrace it and find out what's happened to make our country what it is today. This was something that I am very glad I was able to experience and will probably learn more.

The video of the lynching I watched today in my History class was very disturbing to me. I didn't know that people would do such horrible things like that, and get enjoyment off of it. It ashamed me to think that those people actually considered themselves Americans, and believed that they were helping our country out by doing such a thing. I believe this country should be free to be who ever we are, whether black, white, Mexican, Jew, Catholic, etc. I do know that the discrimination against these thing have been lowered since then, and I'm glad that people don't have to be tortured like those people were. To those of the people that are still alive today, that had watched this hateful crime happen and not do anything about, I despise you for the things you have done. And for those people of the future that have seen this video, stop discriminating against people, and learn to accept people for the way they are.

My response to this movie is that I believe that this is a horrible thing that happened. And it should have been stopped. I don't think that it really matters what race other people are. There is absolutely no reason why this needed to be happening. I also believe that it is wrong for people to send out postcards and invite people to come and watch the hanging of another person. They treated this like it was fun to watch others be hung to death, and to enjoy the hanging of another person for ablsolutely no reason.
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