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The Buck Stops Here!

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 1:14 am    Post subject: The Buck Stops Here! Reply with quote

Each individual is responsible to make changes. It begin in realizing the past events, and present day attitudes persist because black people began reaching for an identity that further eradicated the story of their heritage. Instead of the Black man seeking to put the piece of the puzzle of his life; and the story of his life concerning his ancestral beginning back together and began living in the pride of being who, what, why, when, and where his reality was not; he attempted, and has not stopped today, to take on the live style of those who had eliminated his story to begin with.

The black grandfathers and mothers are responsible to their children, and the children children's are responsible to their children until the black residents in entire black neighborhood, cities, counties, states, and the nation take responsibility to bring dignity back to all black people as to who they are as a people. Here is where the buck stops being passed.

Man does see through a glass darkly. Why? because he gets caught up in his own "look at me" attitude. He reads other men thoughts and digest them and believes he rides the wave of knowning. But in the final analysis, one day he will look up and see people staring down on him. He will seek to arise from his reclining position, but find he has no blood in his body, and his outer shell is hard as a rock. Where will his human knowledge take him then? No where because he has not understood: Ascension of the dimension within men must be a realization of Spirit. Why? because "If I be lifted up from the earth I will draw all men unto me." Now what does this mean from the wisdom of Spirit? It means, from what I've been made aware of, that man is the product of this flesh mentality because of all his ancestors. It was they who made man a thinker of good and evil by inheritance, and "as a man thinkest in his heart, so is he." And as a man continues to think in his heart, so he remains.

So this means this one who cannot arise has not understood he had something to overcome while he could move in this dimension. It was his inheritence. And because life is the omnipresent consciousness extension of those who have went before him, he must bear his cross, and his cross is that of the conscious human mentality of all his ancestors and family members now which are the culmination of this man of flesh he was.

The buck must stop here. And how did the Master stop Himself from passing the buck? In all that you have come to know, you had to realize that the Master claimed nothing of a personal ego, or 'id' that would keep Him earth bound. Sure He lived in the world, but He was not of the world because He had overcame the world. He had "rendered unto Caesar the things which are Caeasar's. Jesus had overcome His human mentality. What human mentality? The mentality of being born the Son of man.

So the black man's task is to stop the buck here. To be able to say: "Father, into thy hands I commend my Spirit.............It is finished." And then go into the depth of the hell which he had to overcome within his inherited thought mentality and free all his ancestors of their error thinking. This is the responsibility of all men. To free the thought patterns of error thinking which were put into the aether so the "light commanded to shine out of the darkness" can do so.

jufa (You are never alone!)
Never give power to anything a person believes is the source of their strength - jufa
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