Modern lynchings...nowhere to hide

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steve johnson
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Modern lynchings...nowhere to hide

Post by steve johnson » Mon May 11, 2015 9:14 pm

Mr. Allen, There is much to fear...from all groups. There is some sanctuary in the Bible.

Go forth bravely and remember...we must take the hand of providence to be saved.

Note, in the movie I note signs of the Confederate reconquista after the Civil War and I see whites lynched possibly during the Anarchy era of the early 1900's and some WWI hysteria.

The elements of the confederate "democratic-progressive" movement" apparently grew the second KKK during the progressive era and have not died and neither has the SS....a progressive organization itself.

The dates on the postcards indicate a 30-40 year lynching era. Is it the growth of "progressivism" where the army was resegregated by Wilson Presidency during WW! or is is merely an artifact of the abundance of easy to use cameras? Lynching grew to seem like a form of acceptability now seen in ISIS (formerly the SS). White people, black people people were lynched, nobody is safe...if you would speak out. Even now.

Notice there was a historical response in cultural in the WWII cartoons. We see the rise of heroic "westerns" where one man makes a difference...individual redemption...notice he had a gun and sometimes no stinking ones at all.

Next comes ISIS and the "day of the long knives" johnny go get your gun? This is why the Eagle is the national emblem.